Sunday, 23 December 2007

Final Club Report for 2007

Hi Guys.

Well what a great end to the year ..thanks to everyone for their support through out 2007, especially the committee , parents, and club members ...without you all there would be no club.

Right lets get down to last nights report.

The Junior table battle was well fought with the vets managing to stop the juniors convoy in its tracks...but they did managed to get halfway down our 18 foot mega gaming table. So well done to all who participated.

The draw as always was a big hit with everyone, thanks to Diane and Peter for selling all the draw tickets..and well done to everyone who won something. I hope you liked the selection of prizes we had on offer.

A big congrats and Horaahh to the following people who won the Bury Wargamers 2007 Sheilds.

Andy Soames...Bury Wargamers Veteran of the Year 2007.
Ashley Wiggins..Bury Wargamers Junior of the Year 2007.
Kiren James...Bury Wargamers Overall player of the Year 2007

All of the above have shown an amazing commitment to the club and gone above and beyond the "Call of Duty" when it comes to being a member of Bury Wargamers, plus made personal achievements in they chosen field of gaming....Well should all feel very proud !

The painting competition was run by Adrian and we had some great entries...more on that in a future blog hopefully photos!!!

So thats the end of gaming for 2007 at Bury Wargamers, thanks to everyone again for all your help, support, commitment...and remembering at the end of day it all about having FUN. So from myself and the committee have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you all on the 12th January 2008.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Thanks Captain Stevo!

The final club meet of the year was yesterday and saw off 2007 with a blast (more of that in the club night report to follow). Captain Stevo thanked all the gamers, supportive parents and helpers for another great year. However, a big shout out also goes to Captain Stevo for his energy and enthusiasm, and great leadership as the club gets bigger and bigger. Well done Sir!

Cheers from the Welcome Committee.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Saturday 8th December Club Night Report

Hi All.

Well another success full night at Bury Wargamers. Again an amazing battle on the juniors table where the Alien Alliance annihilated the Hero's of the Imperium in their 300 - 400 point mega battle....with no heavy support...well done to all who played.

The Warmachine table was busy as well with visitors from Sudbury gaming club coming over, so thanks to Dave and his buddie who came over to guys are welcome anytime. Also a few more juniors are getting interested in playing Warmachine which is really good as it broaden's their gaming not all GW out there guys there is a lot of cool stuff made by other people.

Flames of War as always was a great battle with quite a few people sitting in on the game last night.

Also on a personal note it was nice to welcome a really good friend to the club in the shape of George Leech. George is an ex manager for GW and now runs a very good online store for GW merchandise so if you want to have a look a what on offer email him at WEAPON15@HOTMAIL.CO.UK ..and he was a great help with the juniors as his 40K knowledge is many thanks to him.

Stay tuned for what happening on the 22nd of December as its our last meet of the year!!!

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Saturday 24th Club night report.

Hi Guys.

Well what a busy evening we had on Saturday night. Well done to all the juniors who turned up to play in the "Junior table battle". As exspected the "Hero's of the Imperium" won...but only just 7 games to 5....considering there was a lot and i mean A LOT of armour on the table the "Alien Allience" did really well.

Also we had our first Warmachine tournament run by Tim "Menoth" Morris and from what i hear from competitors and spectators alike it was a great success. Tim had arranged all the prizes with Symon from Runic Games who came along with his laptop and helped keep score....and brought loads of "goodies" for us to buy!

We had 12 people play and we even had people turn up from London..who managed to win first and second places, but no one minded as they were really great guys to play against. We will be doing more tournaments in 2008 and the visitors from London are interested in doing more tournaments their end......and yes we will be going to represent Bury Wargamers.

Garth brought his camera along so we should have some really neat pictures to put up on the gallery......and from the models i saw painted up on the tables they should look really cool.

So i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Juniors Tank Battle Report.

Hi all.

I thought i would just add a battle report from last night so here goes.

The Alien alliance had laid siege to the Adeptus Mechanicus home world and a small defence force had been left to protect the Titan legion.... " Following report was found after the battle"....Click " Sir the advancing enemy forces have breached the outer gates....we need back-up now!!!!... i can see something coming through the main gateway.....Oh by the God Emperors throne..They have a......" Click...Report ends suddenly.

The Enemy forces had mustered the support of the Chaos horde and had brought a blasphemy of awesome proportion... A chaos Baneblade.... " Inform the Legion, they maybe be needed before this day is through"..."Send in the main Defence force first and call for Air support" . The valiant forces of the Adeptus Astartes held fast but the combined firepower of the Baneblade and additional heavy armour shredded their valiant effort.

Above the battle the first wave of Aircover flew in an airstrike...the Imperial Thunderbolts of the "Sky Nights Fighter Wing"...... Attack recording taken on initial attack run ...Click " Have overflown Titan Legion, scanners indicate the holy engines of the Emperor are powering up main turbines"..." i am starting attack run now control" "Wait there is something to my left..down in the ruins"..... warning runes flash in the cockpit.."Taking evasive action, i have ground fire".."have taken multiple hits"..."going down, i repeat going down". Unknow to all a Tau recon unit had made its way through undetected and had launch a smart missile salvo at the incoming aircraft...all for the greater good.

Finally the titan Legion had got up to full combat speed and had moved out of their compound..and what a sight...4 Warhound titans in full battle livery..stepping over the ruins as if they were not there....then they raised there guns to full high and death spew forth across the city.... The Baneblade took most hits but its armour held fast...not so lucky were the Tau Recon forces who had been spotted by the titans..." Titan Maxamillion here, spotted tracer fire from Tau insurgence...returning fire...Gun control..Fire Vulcan Mega Bolter..Fire Plasma Blast Gun..send them to hell my brothers"....The guns spoke and the Tau forces were sent to oblivion.

A flight of "Ork Fighta Bommers" had spotted the smoke and gone to investigate.."Hurr hurr..them humies are having a scrap lads..lets go and crash dat party"...The scream of over heated engines filled the air as the first plane flew in..he must have been totaly mad as he came through the gateway and just missed the Baneblade. Missiles flew from the underneath of its wings hitting a titan...and then kept going straight...crashing in to its main carapace, ripping one of it guns "Imperial control to all forces, be advised we have ork kamakazi's coming in!!... " Thanks control, but you are a bit to of the bugs has just taken out my right gun port"...Titan legion, Warhound Leonartus here.....Move to battle formation Gamma two six zero"..form battle line and take out the next thing that come over that gate way".."Warhound Arragorn, Maxamilion, Ethanium all reporting positive response sir"

As the battle raged on and more Ork planes came through to meet their death at the hands of the titan Legion and Adaptus Astartes....a valiant attack run by the wing Commander of the Sky Knights put more damage on to the Baneblade and was rewarded by being sent plummenting to the ground in flames....finally the Baneblade ground to a halt..a smouldering wreck of twisted metal...with the lost of the Biggest Tank the chaos forces fled back through the gate..and back to the warp. Click " Imperial Battle barge Divine Deliverance reporting all chaos and xenos forces have left the city...all praise the emperor"........the remaining defence forces looked out across the once benevolent city..."We were lucky this day gentlemen, with the forces of chaos now using our most holy weapons against us it is only a matter of time tillthis city falls"........a click of a hammer could be hear behind..then a pistol fired!!!...The Commander fell to the floor dead....."We will stand and if we have to we will all die to defend this city.. i will not hear talk of defeat"....Commissar Stevo holsters his pistol, pulls his grey weathered trenchcoat back round his body and walks slowly away through the ruins..." We will never give up...we will never surrender..the Emperor wills it!"

Thanks to all who played last night..especially Connor and his Baneblade, Ashley, whos Hammerhead took the combined fire power of 4 Titans..more than once..and Alex who helped out with the rules for the Titans..well done to all

Captain Stevo.


A new menace has been spotted moving into Imperial airspace - Ork Fightabomma's seen attacking Imperial frontline troops.

Fabricated by Captain Steve - more flyers on their way as well!


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Saturday 10th November "Mega Tank Battle."

Hi Guys.

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Mega Tank Batlte is going on this Saturday night on the juniors table. I gave them a choice on what they would like to do and thats what they all voted on.....!!!

Rules are as follows:

You must have a tank (The name of the battle gives that away!!), but you can bring more than one ,but if we have to many on the board and it is going to slow the game down i will ask to have some removed...thats for the people who bring to many of their own.....but we will see how many turn up before we start.

You will get kill points for the front armour of the tank you front armour 14 , you get 14 kill will be given sheets to record your kills and i will check no one putting " 1 rhino killed = 14 kill points", because thats not its front armour it!!

Those of you who do not own any armour..and i know who does and who dosen't, dont worry as i will be bringing you something to use...and its going to be really cool.......PLUS extra kill points if you can take down the Chaos Baneblade that seemed indestructable the last time it was on the boards....but remember the gold rule...its all about... HAVING FUN!!!

See you all Saturday.

Captain Stevo

Monday, 15 October 2007

Latest pictures in the Gallery

I have posted up highlights from the Club night, including Captain Stevo's amazing scratchbuilt Reaver Titan, various games in progress and a brilliant converted Inquisitor's Retinue figure (Gun servitor if I remember correctly) from our new member Garth (he is also a wannabe Black Templar player so Captain Stevo has recruited him to the Imperial side!).
Also pictured is some of our fantastic new scenery, available at very reasonable prices from Runik Games (see Links).EldarVeteran

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Warmachine Tournament "Mangled Metal"

Hi All.

On Novenber 24th we will be running a 350 point "Mangled Metal" Tournament. This will be a Single non-epic Warcaster and its troops! Prizes will be awarded for First ,Second and Third place.

Registration starts for the tournament at 6:20pm and play will begin at 6:45 - 7:00pm. There will be a £3 charge for playing at the club.

So Juniors will stop at 6pm so we can get set up but anyone is welcome to come and play or watch, you DONT have to be a member to participate.

Thanks to Tim "Menoth" Morris for orginising this and arranging the lets see some metal getting mangled...and "PLAY LIKE YOU'VE GOT A PAIR!!!"

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo

("May our enemies look to the heavens and tremble with fear as we hold the power of the storm in our hands")..Captain Victoria Haley to her troops before engaging a Cryxian invasion force.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dont look now you are on candid camera!

Our virtual empire is expanding as fast as the club. We now have a shiny new Gallery to post all my slightly out of focus photos of all things club related. Why not check it out now, as it has some more photos from the Open day. You can find it here:

I am in the process of adding witty (to me anyway) little captions to each photo. Also if you are net-savvy and know what a RSS feed is (I did'nt) you can link from the gallery and get told every time there is an update, or something like that. There is a little RSS symbol on the Gallery.

In the future we will have army showcases posted to the Gallery, once I have made up my light box to take decent photos.


1st Birthday Celebrations and Open Day

What a blast we had! Eleven hours of gaming, BBQ food, sandwiches and cake. Now the dust has settled its time for a report. Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Flames of War, Warmaster - plus "Its all gone Starship Troopers" and"Beat Steve's Titan". Now thats a lot of games.
The Warmachine table
The Flames of War table - those tanks are taking a pounding

Bring and battle table was packed all day

Beat the Titan table

- well done for Tim and Matt for running the Warmachine demo all day!

Last few Stormtroopers get picked off by the Tyranids

Look closely at this picture - its Warmaster i.e. only 15mm high figures!!

A Tyranid swarm in action - a few seconds later and there was nothing organic left on those plates...

and finally here is our refreshment tent, with the Scouts running the BBQ

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day, including the mums who provided food and the cake later in the day when the hotdogs were starting to wear off. Special thanks to Captain Steve for organising us, setting up the tables far too early on the Saturday, and for starting the club in the first place! Looking forward to our Christmas celebration next...!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Painting competition results - Veterans

And now to the Veterans competition. Some truly excellent examples of painting here -
Golden Demon: Ultramarines Commander - Ashley B
Silver Demon: Bretonian Knight by Gavin C
Bronze Demon: Carnifex by Dennis L
Ashley's Ultramarine really smashed the judges. Everything about it shouts quality, from the multiple highlights and blends, the detail (check out the 'text' on the purity seals) and hand painted symbols. In fact the picture does not do it justice - could we have our very own GW Golden Demon winner of the future?

Gav's mounted Knight is also crisply painted, and carried off the heraldry scheme well. The horse also has great character. Dennis's Carnifex has a strong paint scheme and the judges were impressed by how 'organic' it looked. They also commented on how hard it is to successfully paint a convincing white colour scheme.

Painting Competition results - Juniors

Our first Birthday celebrations included the inaugural Burywargamers 'Golden Demon' painting competition. Thanks to Geoff for painting up some bronze, silver and gold trophies.
Thanks to everyone for entering, now over to the results for the Juniors.

Golden Demon: Imperial Guard by Ethan M-S:

Silver Demon: Tau Etheral by Joel M-S:

Bronze Demon: Eldar Autarch by Max W:
The judges were impressed by the standard being reached by our Juniors. They were particularly impressed with the 'crisp' painting style on the Imperial Guard, the attention to detail, and its face with lots of character. They again liked the neatness on the Etheral and the highlighting of the cloak. Finally with the Autarch they liked the rather sinister red, black and silver colour choice, and felt the red eyes carried the theme through well.

Its all gone 'Starship Troopers'...

Take two lonely squads of Stormtroopers, drop them into a bunker on a bug infested planet, unlock the ammo containers, and it can only mean one thing...its all gone Starship Troopers!

Wave after wave of scuttling, leaping, rending bugs launched themselves at the bunker, and died in their thousands (well, hundreds actually). Under the expert control of Hivemind Geoff many a stormtrooper met a grisly end. However, almost as fast as each Stormtroopers commander was killed, another took his place.

At the end of the day the Tyranid menace was beaten off (at least for this day) and the Imperial Guard was left count the cost. In the dispatches back to high command one officer's heroism stood above the rest - Matthew T. Under his watch the Stormtroopers completely obliterated the Tyranid assault wave without loss, except for brave Matthew himself who blew up when his plasma pistol overheated! In gratitude a Carnifex captured in the battle has been sent to his relatives (hope they read the instructions on the box about feeding...)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Happy Birthday to us!

One year old today. Congratulations to us. Full report of the Open Day and Birthday celebrations to follow.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Bury Wargamers Birthday Bash September 29th

Just to remind everyone that the Big Birthday Bash is on at the club the 29th September...thats right Bury Wargamers is 1 year old!!!

So to celebrate this we are running a special FREE open session from 12pm to 4pm for anyone to come and look at what we do ... Adults and children are all welcome.

The events will be:

"Take down Stevo's Titan"..see if you have the metal to take on a Warhound and survive!

"Its all gone Starship Troopers!"..20 Imperial Guard in a bunker trying to kill the most Bugs by turn six..the winner with the most kills gets a Carnafex!!!!

We have a Warmachine demo table and Flames of War so if you fancy trying something new and really cool come and have a look...PLUS an open table where you can bring along your own models and battle anyone... Members and non members welcome!!

If you feel hungry the Bury 1st Scout Group will be running a BBQ with all the money being made being donated to them by Bury Wargamers (We are buying the food for them to cook and sell!!!)

We will also have a few kits for sale so if you wanted to get started on a new army or fancy another addition to add to your exsisting one come and see what we have

So if you fancy having a look come and see us..and remember if you are under 16 YOU CAN COME IN BY YOURSELVES for the 4 hours we are open to the public...anyone wanting to stay on and have a look at the club in all its glory must be accompanyed by and adult from 4pm onwards

Hope to see you all there....!!!

Captain Stevo

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Good The Bad and the Ugly!!! .15/09/07

Hi Guys Captain Stevo Here.

Another great night at Bury Wargamers Club:


Good to see that the scouts have nearly finished refurbishing their HQ and its going to look great. GOOD to see a great turn out from Juniors and Veterans and thanks to everyone who helped out on Saturday night.GOOD to see some new faces at the club, at the moment we have 54 members which is great considering we have only been going for just under a year.

The BAD.

Bad news about the Bury Free Press not turning up to do a piece on the club, especially as they were very keen to look at what we do. BAD luck to everyone who got a bit of "spanking" in the Tank Battle, just remember is all about learning to play the game and having fun.


Thanks to everyone who helped to run the Tank Battle on Saturday night, it could have got very ugly if we didnt have people to step in to help out when we are short handed as a few of our juniors get a bit "Excited" when they start playing and it is very easy to loose focus on what is trying to be achieved that evening.

So well done to everyone , Juniors , veterans and parents alike who made it another fun evening as always at Bury Wargamers

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo

p.s. Whilst the tank battle rages, the Tyranids stage an invasion elsewhere...

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Club Night Report from 1st September

Bit overdue but here's a brief round up from the last Club Night. Another busy turnout - you can see the packed Juniors Training Table in the background above. I should have noted down what everyone was up to, but I think we had games of WH40k, Warmachine and Warmaster. My Khador battle group certainly got a good tonking from Steve's Cygnar, but have since knocked out their dents and will be back for more!

The Scouts are making slow progress on the DIY improvements so it was temporary kitchen again, but hope this will be completed soon.

See you at the tank bash on Saturday!


Friday, 7 September 2007

Tank Battle for the 15th September.

Just a litte reminder that on Saturday we will be doing the Mega Tank Battle with the juniors on the large training table, so if you have anything that has an armour value..or for those who's army has no tanks (E.G Nids) bring along a Tank Killing unit as i have some thing special for you to do on the night. Also anyone who is new to the club and has not got as far as buying some heavy support dont worry as i am sure there will be some spare tanks...or even a Warhound Titan available to use.

We will also be having a visit from the Bury Free Press so bring along everything you need to use on the night as i want us to look as professional as possible......that means dice / Tape measures , Codexs , crib sheets and dont forget your MODELS!!!..... plus above all please BEHAVE.... you know who you are and the emperors servents will be watching you and quick justice will be delt out with Bolter and Chain Sword ..... so you have been warned.

And remember the gold rule.. its all about having FUN .

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Arming for Apocalypse

St Edmunds Forgeworld is in full scale production for the forthcoming Apocalypse...

Just check out our growing force of Warhound Titans. Here are three of the five completed so far, with a Forgeworld Chaos Warhound rumoured to be lurching onto the battlefield sometime soon.

If you have been out of the GW gaming scene for a little while (with piles of models 'resting' in your loft) what better time to return to the fray than in some mega-battles at the club? Apocalypse coming to the club this Autumn!


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Apocalypse warm-up

The release of the Apocalypse expansion looks to be the next big thing (literally!) to take hold of us gamers. Thought I would post up a memory from our own little apocalypse earlier this is of some of our juniors preparing for the Imperium vs. Xenos all-in tank battle. The Imperium came in force with about 27 vehicles, whilst the Xenos went for quality (!) over quantity with about 18 vehicles. By the end of the frantic evening the place was littered with wrecks (no not the veteran gamers) with the last Eldar falcons pinned down by an advancing column of Imperial tanks. The Imperium had taken more losses, but still outnumbered the Xenos, so claimed the victory. Now, that's what being in a wargames club is all about!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Enough chatter, just show me the games!

We play tabletop war games like Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Malifaux, Warmachine, Hordes, Flames of War, Warmaster and Lord of the Rings. We also play card games such as Yugiho and Warcraft.
Board games also see action on our tables, games such as Super Dungeon Explorer, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Mansion of Madness and Pandemic all make an appearance.
We are quite relaxed in our painting rules, models must be undercoated, however it would be nice to see a bi-weekly improvement. Please be sensible and don’t bring things in like two lascannon’s stuck to a bottle to represent a landraider (it has been done). We are happy to see weird and wacky conversions and try experimental rules.

What time shall I come?

We meet mostly every other Saturday unless the venue is not available (check out our fancy calendar and the Forum for updates)

From 3pm to 10pm is gaming time, gamers under 16 (must be accompanied by adult, parent or guardian). Although most of us come as early as we can because we just love gaming!

The club runs on a “Play & Pay” basis where £3 goes towards the cost of the hall, which the Bury 1st Scouts have allowed us to use. Any extra goes into the making of scenery and boards etc. Your first two gaming sessions are free, so don't be shy give us a road-test...

Where to find us

We meet in the Bury 1st Scout Hut, which is a lot more substantial than it sounds! Its on the right of the Greengage pub on Tollgate Lane. Parking is available on the street (not in the pub car park sorry!)

Gaming Club facilities

 Usually we have five main boards set up all with scenery provided. Plus tables available to play your boardgames on. We also have tea and coffee facilities, toilets.