Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Saturday 26th Jan Club night report

Hi all..Captain Stevo here.

Well another great night was had by all at Bury Wargamers.....with a few new faces turning up which is always good news.

The junior table was in full swing with young Alex taking his first steps in his "Junior Instructor Training"...yes we have started to let the juniors govern themselves under the watchfull eyes of Brother Captain Jon....who after his great efforts on Saturday is due for promotion...or atleast a mention in despatches....Well done Jon & Alex

Warmachine has taken hold in a BIG WAY with many of our regulars turning up and some new faces from further a field... i think BWG is going to be the "place to go" for all things Warmachine in the future...well done Tim and Symon for their orginisation of the league.

Flames of War ...well i know where all the comfy chairs go to now and i can see why...the table was packed with lots of people watching the ensuing battle and a few newer people to the game joining in...thats what we like to see guys.

Finaly the forum has really taken off so if you havent had a look yet ......what have you being doing!!!! Have your say ...thats what its there for..we have modeling and painting tips, lots of question and answer threads, there is "Ask the Committee" so if you dont get a chance at the club do it on the forum...and finaly visit the "Green Room" and catch up with all the goings on non game related...and have a look at "Whats your tiple" as see how the story line is starting to unfold and see if you can work out who has visited "Wilson" in the bar.

BUT REMEMBER..all club news can only be found on the blog!!!

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Bury Wargamers Forum is launched

Hi All.

We have got together a few of us and have got a forum up and running for the club. We will still be using the blog for all club info, pictures etc and the forum will be eventually linked to the blog page. This way we can all chat about the club and other things as well as keeping upto date on the blog itself.

Here is the link.


Have fun and hope to see you on there soon.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Play like you have a pair.......of cans?

Howdy Guys

Okay, just to let Y'all know, In April sometime. When is being ironed out, We will be running a Foodmachine event. Which will be a Warmachine/Hordes tourney, currently the prize is unknown, But I've been hunting around for sooooomething good.

But to give a basic explanation, Foodmachine, is something where, for the price of a can of tinned food, you can break the rules of the game, and at the end, all donations are added up and donated to a local charity, which I'm also (when I get my voice back) working on finding.

And its, being announced now, so you can start saving up cans now, That way there can be more rules breaking. Speaking of which, the Foodmachine rules

Erm secondly, just a little shout out to something I've nearly twice over, Listened to almost the entire library of(Yes I am THAT boring) is Fellcalls Fellcalls, is a great tool, along with battlecollege for new and old Warmachine players alike, I find it makes good listening during painting/building time,for new players, I would say, that I found fellcalls a little more helpfull, than just reading text, But thats just me.

Anyways see Y'all on the twenty sixth.


Sunday, 13 January 2008

Fighting down Sudbury way

Some of our new friends hail from the Sudbury direction, and are part of the local club that meets every Friday (and more). Why not check it out if you are down that way?

All hail the Sudbury and District Wargames Club!

Saturday 12th Jan...New Freinds and New Records!

Hi guys.

Well i must say what an excellent start to 2008 at Bury Wargamers. It seems like the long rest over Christmas did everyone the world of good with the club nearly bursting at the seams with gaming...with 35 people "paying to play" over the evening and about 45 people in all attending...a new club record!!!!

The junior Gaming table under the watchfull eye of Brother Captain Jon was a hive of industrie as Alien Allience forces classed with the Heros of the Imperium on a recon mission, with lots of new "shinny" stuff on the table ........Seems like Santa was good to a few people? Though it was a little cramped with a few tables gone missing we managed to have a lot of fun.

Flames of War...well the name sais it all..... When i went over to have a look at how things were going there were a lot of tanks on fire with British Airsupport just being brought in by Paul....looking at all of the Anti Tank weapons that the German side was using i dont think they lasted very long.... i think just long enough to shout "Tally Ho Chaps"... Me thinks i would like to have a better look at this as it seems to be getting very popular....and alot of fun.

Warmachine Call to Arms.......We had 16 people partisipate in this..which is a record for Bury Wargamers..and as one visitor quoted " I have never seen so many people playing warmachine under one roof".....which i though was a great compliment for the club and everyone involved........We will post a battle report later on to cover what went on.

Allo Allo Allo!........We had our first visit from Pc 124 Kenneth Illsley...or Ken to his freinds. As you might know we have had a couple of visits later on in the evening from a few "Well Oiled Inderviduals " causing a bit of trouble so Ken dropped by to give us some advice and have a coffee and a chat. He was very impressed with everything we have done and will make a point of dropping in to see us when he is on his rounds.

And Finally...a presonal record was made last night...Rosie actually manged to finishing painting a model...now that dosent sound anything great right!!..WRONG.. Rosie is at Uni in London at the moment so dosent have a lot of time for her hobbie. So when she can she makes the drive up from there to her home the other side of Ipswich ,and then Ant and her drives over to us for the evening to see us...now that commitment..............A big Hoorraahhh for Rosie.

So thanks everyone for another great night and onward , upwards and forward in to 2008.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008..Its going to be GREAT!!!!!!

Hi All.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....and now ready to get in to gaming for 2008!.

Right first thing...start date for the club is January 12th..just in case someone has forgotten, so i hope to see lots of you there...and if you got some "goodies" for Christmas and you want to show them of on the gaming tables that would be cool.....just have them undercoated if you havent had time to do a full paint job and lets see what you got!.

Junior Gaming Table... right guys lets get back to training...you will need your 500 point force ..or what ever you have close to that with all your bits and pieces..thats dice, tape measure, codex, crib sheets, written army list is a MUST...and of course your models....lets see if we can get some of you up to level 3 and on to playing 1500 point games on your own.

There will also be the introduction again of the "Training table" for anyone who has just started so we can go through the ground rules for playing 40k...thats for all ages..juniors and vets alike. ....PLEASE NOTE..This will be seperate from the main 40k large gaming area so we can concentrate...and NOT GET DISTURBED!!!!

Warmachine...well you have see the post for "Call to Arms"...so speak to "Mr Menoth"..that Tim if you dont know already and he will fill you in on all the details...and all going to plan Tim might well become are "Press Ganger" to Privateer press...if they get there "finger" out and get back in touch with him...im going to keep everything crossed just in case.

Flames of War and Warmaster..well theres no change there..always a pleasure to have you guys at the club ...so lets see some more of you getting interested in that side of the gaming.

and lastly... i would like some ideas from the Commitee and Members (including the parents) on how best to start spending the money we made last year?...lets make Bury Wargamers the "Flag Ship" for all thing gaming in Bury St Edmunds!!!!!...so get your thinking caps on...and put your comments on the blog...thats what its there for guys!

So thanks again for all the help and support i got from everyone in 2007 and lets do even better in 2008.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.