Monday, 1 October 2007

Painting competition results - Veterans

And now to the Veterans competition. Some truly excellent examples of painting here -
Golden Demon: Ultramarines Commander - Ashley B
Silver Demon: Bretonian Knight by Gavin C
Bronze Demon: Carnifex by Dennis L
Ashley's Ultramarine really smashed the judges. Everything about it shouts quality, from the multiple highlights and blends, the detail (check out the 'text' on the purity seals) and hand painted symbols. In fact the picture does not do it justice - could we have our very own GW Golden Demon winner of the future?

Gav's mounted Knight is also crisply painted, and carried off the heraldry scheme well. The horse also has great character. Dennis's Carnifex has a strong paint scheme and the judges were impressed by how 'organic' it looked. They also commented on how hard it is to successfully paint a convincing white colour scheme.