Sunday, 5 April 2009

Space Hulk Redux (BWG style!)

Action shot from the Xergev campaign, as competing Forces of Order and Disorder attempt to take control of the drifting Space Hulk from a daemonic entity. Here Chaos Marines attempt to blast away daemonic defenders. Click to see full picture
Finally, forces of Disorder reach the heart of the space hulk, to be confronted by the daemonic entity controlling the ship. Despite tentacles dragging some troopers into the Warp, Chaos held on long enough to claim the ship. Does this mean the blast cannons of the ship will now be available to assist WH40K battles in the rest of the campaign? click to see big beastie
Played using a hybrid of Space Hulk and 40K rules - concept, zombies (not shown!) and big bad boss creature by Hads, retro Space Hulk corridors using online sources...