Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Good The Bad and the Ugly!!! .15/09/07

Hi Guys Captain Stevo Here.

Another great night at Bury Wargamers Club:


Good to see that the scouts have nearly finished refurbishing their HQ and its going to look great. GOOD to see a great turn out from Juniors and Veterans and thanks to everyone who helped out on Saturday night.GOOD to see some new faces at the club, at the moment we have 54 members which is great considering we have only been going for just under a year.

The BAD.

Bad news about the Bury Free Press not turning up to do a piece on the club, especially as they were very keen to look at what we do. BAD luck to everyone who got a bit of "spanking" in the Tank Battle, just remember is all about learning to play the game and having fun.


Thanks to everyone who helped to run the Tank Battle on Saturday night, it could have got very ugly if we didnt have people to step in to help out when we are short handed as a few of our juniors get a bit "Excited" when they start playing and it is very easy to loose focus on what is trying to be achieved that evening.

So well done to everyone , Juniors , veterans and parents alike who made it another fun evening as always at Bury Wargamers

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo

p.s. Whilst the tank battle rages, the Tyranids stage an invasion elsewhere...