Monday, 15 October 2007

Latest pictures in the Gallery

I have posted up highlights from the Club night, including Captain Stevo's amazing scratchbuilt Reaver Titan, various games in progress and a brilliant converted Inquisitor's Retinue figure (Gun servitor if I remember correctly) from our new member Garth (he is also a wannabe Black Templar player so Captain Stevo has recruited him to the Imperial side!).
Also pictured is some of our fantastic new scenery, available at very reasonable prices from Runik Games (see Links).EldarVeteran

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Gelfin said...

Hi there, Garth here. Just wanna say thanks to Steve and all the guys who made me feel so very welcome at the club. I had a gr8 evening on Saturday. I've got my figurine album here and my hobby Blog here. Feel free to come see and leave comments