Monday, 14 June 2010

Warmachine & Hordes League rules

Hello Everyone The Warmachine/ Hordes league will soon be under way. To sign up, please see the signup thread at the BWG forum here( )

From a fluff perspective, the league is set Post Legends and Metamorphosis, although for the later, just barely.


You must stay with one faction throughout the entire league. Mercenary players, you must stick to one contract.
The league will operate under an escalating point cost value, the first half of the league, will be conducted at the 25pt level. The second half the league will be conducted at a 35 point level. As a side note, at least for now. Till I do more research on the matter, themed lists will be allowed in the first half, and then reviewe jsut to make sure the themed lists are acceptable.

For those that have not played in the 40k League. The way you decide opposition is simply thus. You challenge and opponent to a game,Speak to whomever is doing the recording. it is then recorded,the game played, the result recorded post game. And you cannot play the same opponent till you have played every other player in the league. At which point we have reached the second half. Each game has a six turn time limit. Although this should be self regulating due to the scenarios.

3pts For a Win.
1pt For a Draw
0pt For a Loss

Before the game, the lowest player on the league table, will get to roll a D10 deciding the scenario The five of the scenario's are listed in the rulebook. I will have paper copies, but shan't be posting them online, due to copyright law etc etc.

Each list must be decided BEFORE scenario choosing, And submitted for checking, a note about points value, while some allowance is sometimes given for going over the top limit. This will not be allowed. The 25pts/35pts Maximum for each game will be the maximum, either meet the dot, or go under.

Before the game begins you have to make your opponent aware what your Warcaster choice, and how many jack points they have available to the.

All games are deployed as per scenario rules. All games are to be played on a 4'x4' board. Make sure to declare exactly what all terrain is, and moving terrain to suit a scenario is not allowed. Eg if you are playing Mosh pit, and there happens to be a village in the center of the table. Then you play around that village.

Also, you need to have all paraphenailia that relates your game. E.g. templates, tokens, dice, tape measure. I will be picky about these things. Please follow the movement rules correctly as many of the scenarios are based that fact. Also if you feel your opponent is doing something wrong. Feel to call attention to the fact and consult the rulebook, if no solution is found, consult a rules guru.

Them's the Rules.