Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Apocalypse warm-up

The release of the Apocalypse expansion looks to be the next big thing (literally!) to take hold of us gamers. Thought I would post up a memory from our own little apocalypse earlier this summer...photo is of some of our juniors preparing for the Imperium vs. Xenos all-in tank battle. The Imperium came in force with about 27 vehicles, whilst the Xenos went for quality (!) over quantity with about 18 vehicles. By the end of the frantic evening the place was littered with wrecks (no not the veteran gamers) with the last Eldar falcons pinned down by an advancing column of Imperial tanks. The Imperium had taken more losses, but still outnumbered the Xenos, so claimed the victory. Now, that's what being in a wargames club is all about!