Sunday, 23 December 2007

Thanks Captain Stevo!

The final club meet of the year was yesterday and saw off 2007 with a blast (more of that in the club night report to follow). Captain Stevo thanked all the gamers, supportive parents and helpers for another great year. However, a big shout out also goes to Captain Stevo for his energy and enthusiasm, and great leadership as the club gets bigger and bigger. Well done Sir!

Cheers from the Welcome Committee.


Anonymous said...

I came last night with my son who is interested in playing 40K. Wefelt we were accepted already and Steve talked us through some of the rules briefly, so not to confuse us.
We will be back next year to have a go at the games and for me to paint some figures and make scenery!
Many thanks
Curly, Jack and Bethan

EldarVeteran said...

Thanks for your comment - its nice to hear that we are as open and friendly as we hoped!

Look forward to seeing you in the new year.