Saturday, 1 August 2009

It draws nearer...

Daemonettes and Gentleliches(yeah, I''ll stick with that)

Welcome to a quick update on all things BWG-like!

Apologies about my last post, I later found out from the abominable Fuzzman that he wanted to keep the tourney to only a small number of people. Note that player numbers are to be drawn tonight, so those of you entering, kindly be sure to check the forum to find out who you're facing, if you can't make it today.

Those of you who visit the forum might have noticed a couple of new sections go up recently. Firstly, Magic:the Gathering has suddenly gained quite the following at the club, so if you feel like a game, bring your deck along. 

Secondly, we have set up an area that has a list of gaming conventions and expos thoughout the year that we may be going to, should we get enough people interested. The list is still pretty bare at the moment, so let us know of any cons and expos you know about.

Regards from the web,