Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hello and Welcome

Just a quicky today, the club will soon ring out with the sound of Kings of War armies clashing across the table as the new 2nd ed BRB is soon to arrive.

Infinity continues a steady progression at the club, with  games happening on a regular basis and many a laugh to be had ( Recently someone blew up their own camouflaged dude with a wayward grenade :D ).

Warmachine / Hordes players will soon be embarking on a new league, players are busy getting their lists finalised for the kick off on the 19th of September.

See you all across the tables.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

To Infinity and beyond...

Groan about the title. Infinity the game is up and running at the Club now. 5 or 6 of us have either the Rules, Starter Set or Starter boxes. Last meet we played a 5 person game to get people acquainted with the basic rules. Yet again Ol' Grumpy's Aerial Deployment went off target, landing his trooper in between the Combined Army and Tohaa deployment - he did not last long!

Despite the daunting rulebook, the basics are pretty straightforward, it just masses of exotic equipment and skills that add lot of detail. Unlike lots of our other games, Infinity does reward getting flank or higher positions, covering/suppressing fire teams so brings a nice new dynamic to play style.

Liberal use was made of Mantic's Deadzone terrain to create a crowded battlefield. Hopefully some progress will be made on the Club's pile of mantic sprues to increase the coverage.

Next meet on Sat 11th July.