Monday, 13 August 2007

What time shall I come?

We meet mostly every other Saturday unless the venue is not available (check out our fancy calendar and the Forum for updates)

From 3pm to 10pm is gaming time, gamers under 16 (must be accompanied by adult, parent or guardian). Although most of us come as early as we can because we just love gaming!

The club runs on a “Play & Pay” basis where £3 goes towards the cost of the hall, which the Bury 1st Scouts have allowed us to use. Any extra goes into the making of scenery and boards etc. Your first two gaming sessions are free, so don't be shy give us a road-test...

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rudy gooding said...

I am getting back into the hobby after many years I have done in the past warhammer, 40k 15mm napoleonic , 15mm, 28mm ww2 and Vietnam. Unfortunately all got sold . I am now creating a flames of war army and now reading rules. Is this a period/ rules you deal with. I've dusted the paint brushes and I'm rusty to say the least. It would be nice to find something local to fit in around family commitments.
esprit De Corps