Monday, 15 October 2007

Latest pictures in the Gallery

I have posted up highlights from the Club night, including Captain Stevo's amazing scratchbuilt Reaver Titan, various games in progress and a brilliant converted Inquisitor's Retinue figure (Gun servitor if I remember correctly) from our new member Garth (he is also a wannabe Black Templar player so Captain Stevo has recruited him to the Imperial side!).
Also pictured is some of our fantastic new scenery, available at very reasonable prices from Runik Games (see Links).EldarVeteran

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Warmachine Tournament "Mangled Metal"

Hi All.

On Novenber 24th we will be running a 350 point "Mangled Metal" Tournament. This will be a Single non-epic Warcaster and its troops! Prizes will be awarded for First ,Second and Third place.

Registration starts for the tournament at 6:20pm and play will begin at 6:45 - 7:00pm. There will be a £3 charge for playing at the club.

So Juniors will stop at 6pm so we can get set up but anyone is welcome to come and play or watch, you DONT have to be a member to participate.

Thanks to Tim "Menoth" Morris for orginising this and arranging the lets see some metal getting mangled...and "PLAY LIKE YOU'VE GOT A PAIR!!!"

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo

("May our enemies look to the heavens and tremble with fear as we hold the power of the storm in our hands")..Captain Victoria Haley to her troops before engaging a Cryxian invasion force.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dont look now you are on candid camera!

Our virtual empire is expanding as fast as the club. We now have a shiny new Gallery to post all my slightly out of focus photos of all things club related. Why not check it out now, as it has some more photos from the Open day. You can find it here:

I am in the process of adding witty (to me anyway) little captions to each photo. Also if you are net-savvy and know what a RSS feed is (I did'nt) you can link from the gallery and get told every time there is an update, or something like that. There is a little RSS symbol on the Gallery.

In the future we will have army showcases posted to the Gallery, once I have made up my light box to take decent photos.


1st Birthday Celebrations and Open Day

What a blast we had! Eleven hours of gaming, BBQ food, sandwiches and cake. Now the dust has settled its time for a report. Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Flames of War, Warmaster - plus "Its all gone Starship Troopers" and"Beat Steve's Titan". Now thats a lot of games.
The Warmachine table
The Flames of War table - those tanks are taking a pounding

Bring and battle table was packed all day

Beat the Titan table

- well done for Tim and Matt for running the Warmachine demo all day!

Last few Stormtroopers get picked off by the Tyranids

Look closely at this picture - its Warmaster i.e. only 15mm high figures!!

A Tyranid swarm in action - a few seconds later and there was nothing organic left on those plates...

and finally here is our refreshment tent, with the Scouts running the BBQ

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day, including the mums who provided food and the cake later in the day when the hotdogs were starting to wear off. Special thanks to Captain Steve for organising us, setting up the tables far too early on the Saturday, and for starting the club in the first place! Looking forward to our Christmas celebration next...!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Painting competition results - Veterans

And now to the Veterans competition. Some truly excellent examples of painting here -
Golden Demon: Ultramarines Commander - Ashley B
Silver Demon: Bretonian Knight by Gavin C
Bronze Demon: Carnifex by Dennis L
Ashley's Ultramarine really smashed the judges. Everything about it shouts quality, from the multiple highlights and blends, the detail (check out the 'text' on the purity seals) and hand painted symbols. In fact the picture does not do it justice - could we have our very own GW Golden Demon winner of the future?

Gav's mounted Knight is also crisply painted, and carried off the heraldry scheme well. The horse also has great character. Dennis's Carnifex has a strong paint scheme and the judges were impressed by how 'organic' it looked. They also commented on how hard it is to successfully paint a convincing white colour scheme.

Painting Competition results - Juniors

Our first Birthday celebrations included the inaugural Burywargamers 'Golden Demon' painting competition. Thanks to Geoff for painting up some bronze, silver and gold trophies.
Thanks to everyone for entering, now over to the results for the Juniors.

Golden Demon: Imperial Guard by Ethan M-S:

Silver Demon: Tau Etheral by Joel M-S:

Bronze Demon: Eldar Autarch by Max W:
The judges were impressed by the standard being reached by our Juniors. They were particularly impressed with the 'crisp' painting style on the Imperial Guard, the attention to detail, and its face with lots of character. They again liked the neatness on the Etheral and the highlighting of the cloak. Finally with the Autarch they liked the rather sinister red, black and silver colour choice, and felt the red eyes carried the theme through well.

Its all gone 'Starship Troopers'...

Take two lonely squads of Stormtroopers, drop them into a bunker on a bug infested planet, unlock the ammo containers, and it can only mean one thing...its all gone Starship Troopers!

Wave after wave of scuttling, leaping, rending bugs launched themselves at the bunker, and died in their thousands (well, hundreds actually). Under the expert control of Hivemind Geoff many a stormtrooper met a grisly end. However, almost as fast as each Stormtroopers commander was killed, another took his place.

At the end of the day the Tyranid menace was beaten off (at least for this day) and the Imperial Guard was left count the cost. In the dispatches back to high command one officer's heroism stood above the rest - Matthew T. Under his watch the Stormtroopers completely obliterated the Tyranid assault wave without loss, except for brave Matthew himself who blew up when his plasma pistol overheated! In gratitude a Carnifex captured in the battle has been sent to his relatives (hope they read the instructions on the box about feeding...)