Thursday, 8 November 2007

Saturday 10th November "Mega Tank Battle."

Hi Guys.

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Mega Tank Batlte is going on this Saturday night on the juniors table. I gave them a choice on what they would like to do and thats what they all voted on.....!!!

Rules are as follows:

You must have a tank (The name of the battle gives that away!!), but you can bring more than one ,but if we have to many on the board and it is going to slow the game down i will ask to have some removed...thats for the people who bring to many of their own.....but we will see how many turn up before we start.

You will get kill points for the front armour of the tank you front armour 14 , you get 14 kill will be given sheets to record your kills and i will check no one putting " 1 rhino killed = 14 kill points", because thats not its front armour it!!

Those of you who do not own any armour..and i know who does and who dosen't, dont worry as i will be bringing you something to use...and its going to be really cool.......PLUS extra kill points if you can take down the Chaos Baneblade that seemed indestructable the last time it was on the boards....but remember the gold rule...its all about... HAVING FUN!!!

See you all Saturday.

Captain Stevo