Saturday, 29 September 2007

Happy Birthday to us!

One year old today. Congratulations to us. Full report of the Open Day and Birthday celebrations to follow.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Bury Wargamers Birthday Bash September 29th

Just to remind everyone that the Big Birthday Bash is on at the club the 29th September...thats right Bury Wargamers is 1 year old!!!

So to celebrate this we are running a special FREE open session from 12pm to 4pm for anyone to come and look at what we do ... Adults and children are all welcome.

The events will be:

"Take down Stevo's Titan"..see if you have the metal to take on a Warhound and survive!

"Its all gone Starship Troopers!"..20 Imperial Guard in a bunker trying to kill the most Bugs by turn six..the winner with the most kills gets a Carnafex!!!!

We have a Warmachine demo table and Flames of War so if you fancy trying something new and really cool come and have a look...PLUS an open table where you can bring along your own models and battle anyone... Members and non members welcome!!

If you feel hungry the Bury 1st Scout Group will be running a BBQ with all the money being made being donated to them by Bury Wargamers (We are buying the food for them to cook and sell!!!)

We will also have a few kits for sale so if you wanted to get started on a new army or fancy another addition to add to your exsisting one come and see what we have

So if you fancy having a look come and see us..and remember if you are under 16 YOU CAN COME IN BY YOURSELVES for the 4 hours we are open to the public...anyone wanting to stay on and have a look at the club in all its glory must be accompanyed by and adult from 4pm onwards

Hope to see you all there....!!!

Captain Stevo

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Good The Bad and the Ugly!!! .15/09/07

Hi Guys Captain Stevo Here.

Another great night at Bury Wargamers Club:


Good to see that the scouts have nearly finished refurbishing their HQ and its going to look great. GOOD to see a great turn out from Juniors and Veterans and thanks to everyone who helped out on Saturday night.GOOD to see some new faces at the club, at the moment we have 54 members which is great considering we have only been going for just under a year.

The BAD.

Bad news about the Bury Free Press not turning up to do a piece on the club, especially as they were very keen to look at what we do. BAD luck to everyone who got a bit of "spanking" in the Tank Battle, just remember is all about learning to play the game and having fun.


Thanks to everyone who helped to run the Tank Battle on Saturday night, it could have got very ugly if we didnt have people to step in to help out when we are short handed as a few of our juniors get a bit "Excited" when they start playing and it is very easy to loose focus on what is trying to be achieved that evening.

So well done to everyone , Juniors , veterans and parents alike who made it another fun evening as always at Bury Wargamers

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo

p.s. Whilst the tank battle rages, the Tyranids stage an invasion elsewhere...

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Club Night Report from 1st September

Bit overdue but here's a brief round up from the last Club Night. Another busy turnout - you can see the packed Juniors Training Table in the background above. I should have noted down what everyone was up to, but I think we had games of WH40k, Warmachine and Warmaster. My Khador battle group certainly got a good tonking from Steve's Cygnar, but have since knocked out their dents and will be back for more!

The Scouts are making slow progress on the DIY improvements so it was temporary kitchen again, but hope this will be completed soon.

See you at the tank bash on Saturday!


Friday, 7 September 2007

Tank Battle for the 15th September.

Just a litte reminder that on Saturday we will be doing the Mega Tank Battle with the juniors on the large training table, so if you have anything that has an armour value..or for those who's army has no tanks (E.G Nids) bring along a Tank Killing unit as i have some thing special for you to do on the night. Also anyone who is new to the club and has not got as far as buying some heavy support dont worry as i am sure there will be some spare tanks...or even a Warhound Titan available to use.

We will also be having a visit from the Bury Free Press so bring along everything you need to use on the night as i want us to look as professional as possible......that means dice / Tape measures , Codexs , crib sheets and dont forget your MODELS!!!..... plus above all please BEHAVE.... you know who you are and the emperors servents will be watching you and quick justice will be delt out with Bolter and Chain Sword ..... so you have been warned.

And remember the gold rule.. its all about having FUN .

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.