Monday, 1 October 2007

Painting Competition results - Juniors

Our first Birthday celebrations included the inaugural Burywargamers 'Golden Demon' painting competition. Thanks to Geoff for painting up some bronze, silver and gold trophies.
Thanks to everyone for entering, now over to the results for the Juniors.

Golden Demon: Imperial Guard by Ethan M-S:

Silver Demon: Tau Etheral by Joel M-S:

Bronze Demon: Eldar Autarch by Max W:
The judges were impressed by the standard being reached by our Juniors. They were particularly impressed with the 'crisp' painting style on the Imperial Guard, the attention to detail, and its face with lots of character. They again liked the neatness on the Etheral and the highlighting of the cloak. Finally with the Autarch they liked the rather sinister red, black and silver colour choice, and felt the red eyes carried the theme through well.

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