Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Birthday

Okay guys, Getting this out  for you now.

On the 25th of September, Bury Wargamers in four years old. Com'n big five next year.

But we've got a whole host of things going on. But here are the main attractions. In addition to free play tables. And Demo games. We have.

The previously annouced painting comp soon to be updated with new defined rules.

Warmachine and Hordes: Mangeled Metal, Tooth & Claw 20pt HARDCORE format Tourney

Destruction Derby: You pay 3 pound for a whole seat, but you only the edge!

The Spartan Challege: 300 pts vs 1000! Can you outlast the swarm?

Bring down the Bug: Can you take down the big bad scary bug.

Magic Drafting: Are YOU cuthroat enough to build a deadly limited deck.

Rules of the majority of these will be up and live by sunday/monday.