Monday, 26 November 2007

Saturday 24th Club night report.

Hi Guys.

Well what a busy evening we had on Saturday night. Well done to all the juniors who turned up to play in the "Junior table battle". As exspected the "Hero's of the Imperium" won...but only just 7 games to 5....considering there was a lot and i mean A LOT of armour on the table the "Alien Allience" did really well.

Also we had our first Warmachine tournament run by Tim "Menoth" Morris and from what i hear from competitors and spectators alike it was a great success. Tim had arranged all the prizes with Symon from Runic Games who came along with his laptop and helped keep score....and brought loads of "goodies" for us to buy!

We had 12 people play and we even had people turn up from London..who managed to win first and second places, but no one minded as they were really great guys to play against. We will be doing more tournaments in 2008 and the visitors from London are interested in doing more tournaments their end......and yes we will be going to represent Bury Wargamers.

Garth brought his camera along so we should have some really neat pictures to put up on the gallery......and from the models i saw painted up on the tables they should look really cool.

So i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Juniors Tank Battle Report.

Hi all.

I thought i would just add a battle report from last night so here goes.

The Alien alliance had laid siege to the Adeptus Mechanicus home world and a small defence force had been left to protect the Titan legion.... " Following report was found after the battle"....Click " Sir the advancing enemy forces have breached the outer gates....we need back-up now!!!!... i can see something coming through the main gateway.....Oh by the God Emperors throne..They have a......" Click...Report ends suddenly.

The Enemy forces had mustered the support of the Chaos horde and had brought a blasphemy of awesome proportion... A chaos Baneblade.... " Inform the Legion, they maybe be needed before this day is through"..."Send in the main Defence force first and call for Air support" . The valiant forces of the Adeptus Astartes held fast but the combined firepower of the Baneblade and additional heavy armour shredded their valiant effort.

Above the battle the first wave of Aircover flew in an airstrike...the Imperial Thunderbolts of the "Sky Nights Fighter Wing"...... Attack recording taken on initial attack run ...Click " Have overflown Titan Legion, scanners indicate the holy engines of the Emperor are powering up main turbines"..." i am starting attack run now control" "Wait there is something to my left..down in the ruins"..... warning runes flash in the cockpit.."Taking evasive action, i have ground fire".."have taken multiple hits"..."going down, i repeat going down". Unknow to all a Tau recon unit had made its way through undetected and had launch a smart missile salvo at the incoming aircraft...all for the greater good.

Finally the titan Legion had got up to full combat speed and had moved out of their compound..and what a sight...4 Warhound titans in full battle livery..stepping over the ruins as if they were not there....then they raised there guns to full high and death spew forth across the city.... The Baneblade took most hits but its armour held fast...not so lucky were the Tau Recon forces who had been spotted by the titans..." Titan Maxamillion here, spotted tracer fire from Tau insurgence...returning fire...Gun control..Fire Vulcan Mega Bolter..Fire Plasma Blast Gun..send them to hell my brothers"....The guns spoke and the Tau forces were sent to oblivion.

A flight of "Ork Fighta Bommers" had spotted the smoke and gone to investigate.."Hurr hurr..them humies are having a scrap lads..lets go and crash dat party"...The scream of over heated engines filled the air as the first plane flew in..he must have been totaly mad as he came through the gateway and just missed the Baneblade. Missiles flew from the underneath of its wings hitting a titan...and then kept going straight...crashing in to its main carapace, ripping one of it guns "Imperial control to all forces, be advised we have ork kamakazi's coming in!!... " Thanks control, but you are a bit to of the bugs has just taken out my right gun port"...Titan legion, Warhound Leonartus here.....Move to battle formation Gamma two six zero"..form battle line and take out the next thing that come over that gate way".."Warhound Arragorn, Maxamilion, Ethanium all reporting positive response sir"

As the battle raged on and more Ork planes came through to meet their death at the hands of the titan Legion and Adaptus Astartes....a valiant attack run by the wing Commander of the Sky Knights put more damage on to the Baneblade and was rewarded by being sent plummenting to the ground in flames....finally the Baneblade ground to a halt..a smouldering wreck of twisted metal...with the lost of the Biggest Tank the chaos forces fled back through the gate..and back to the warp. Click " Imperial Battle barge Divine Deliverance reporting all chaos and xenos forces have left the city...all praise the emperor"........the remaining defence forces looked out across the once benevolent city..."We were lucky this day gentlemen, with the forces of chaos now using our most holy weapons against us it is only a matter of time tillthis city falls"........a click of a hammer could be hear behind..then a pistol fired!!!...The Commander fell to the floor dead....."We will stand and if we have to we will all die to defend this city.. i will not hear talk of defeat"....Commissar Stevo holsters his pistol, pulls his grey weathered trenchcoat back round his body and walks slowly away through the ruins..." We will never give up...we will never surrender..the Emperor wills it!"

Thanks to all who played last night..especially Connor and his Baneblade, Ashley, whos Hammerhead took the combined fire power of 4 Titans..more than once..and Alex who helped out with the rules for the Titans..well done to all

Captain Stevo.


A new menace has been spotted moving into Imperial airspace - Ork Fightabomma's seen attacking Imperial frontline troops.

Fabricated by Captain Steve - more flyers on their way as well!


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Saturday 10th November "Mega Tank Battle."

Hi Guys.

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Mega Tank Batlte is going on this Saturday night on the juniors table. I gave them a choice on what they would like to do and thats what they all voted on.....!!!

Rules are as follows:

You must have a tank (The name of the battle gives that away!!), but you can bring more than one ,but if we have to many on the board and it is going to slow the game down i will ask to have some removed...thats for the people who bring to many of their own.....but we will see how many turn up before we start.

You will get kill points for the front armour of the tank you front armour 14 , you get 14 kill will be given sheets to record your kills and i will check no one putting " 1 rhino killed = 14 kill points", because thats not its front armour it!!

Those of you who do not own any armour..and i know who does and who dosen't, dont worry as i will be bringing you something to use...and its going to be really cool.......PLUS extra kill points if you can take down the Chaos Baneblade that seemed indestructable the last time it was on the boards....but remember the gold rule...its all about... HAVING FUN!!!

See you all Saturday.

Captain Stevo