Monday, 26 November 2007

Saturday 24th Club night report.

Hi Guys.

Well what a busy evening we had on Saturday night. Well done to all the juniors who turned up to play in the "Junior table battle". As exspected the "Hero's of the Imperium" won...but only just 7 games to 5....considering there was a lot and i mean A LOT of armour on the table the "Alien Allience" did really well.

Also we had our first Warmachine tournament run by Tim "Menoth" Morris and from what i hear from competitors and spectators alike it was a great success. Tim had arranged all the prizes with Symon from Runic Games who came along with his laptop and helped keep score....and brought loads of "goodies" for us to buy!

We had 12 people play and we even had people turn up from London..who managed to win first and second places, but no one minded as they were really great guys to play against. We will be doing more tournaments in 2008 and the visitors from London are interested in doing more tournaments their end......and yes we will be going to represent Bury Wargamers.

Garth brought his camera along so we should have some really neat pictures to put up on the gallery......and from the models i saw painted up on the tables they should look really cool.

So i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.


Magic Dave said...

Just want to say thanks to tim and others for a great night of warmachine/hordes, had lots of fun and cant beleve i can third. Ended up buying the rules for warmachine so when i get some figs i'll be set for a game.


Dave Rew

EldarVeteran said...

Just gutted I could not make it along to share the mayhem! Glad to hear you guys had a successful tournament - looking forward to the next.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Tim for running it really well and taking charge of the key when i had to "fly off".I will definatly play in the next one.

Captain Stevo

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