Sunday, 9 December 2007

Saturday 8th December Club Night Report

Hi All.

Well another success full night at Bury Wargamers. Again an amazing battle on the juniors table where the Alien Alliance annihilated the Hero's of the Imperium in their 300 - 400 point mega battle....with no heavy support...well done to all who played.

The Warmachine table was busy as well with visitors from Sudbury gaming club coming over, so thanks to Dave and his buddie who came over to guys are welcome anytime. Also a few more juniors are getting interested in playing Warmachine which is really good as it broaden's their gaming not all GW out there guys there is a lot of cool stuff made by other people.

Flames of War as always was a great battle with quite a few people sitting in on the game last night.

Also on a personal note it was nice to welcome a really good friend to the club in the shape of George Leech. George is an ex manager for GW and now runs a very good online store for GW merchandise so if you want to have a look a what on offer email him at WEAPON15@HOTMAIL.CO.UK ..and he was a great help with the juniors as his 40K knowledge is many thanks to him.

Stay tuned for what happening on the 22nd of December as its our last meet of the year!!!

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

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