Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Saturday 26th Jan Club night report

Hi all..Captain Stevo here.

Well another great night was had by all at Bury Wargamers.....with a few new faces turning up which is always good news.

The junior table was in full swing with young Alex taking his first steps in his "Junior Instructor Training"...yes we have started to let the juniors govern themselves under the watchfull eyes of Brother Captain Jon....who after his great efforts on Saturday is due for promotion...or atleast a mention in despatches....Well done Jon & Alex

Warmachine has taken hold in a BIG WAY with many of our regulars turning up and some new faces from further a field... i think BWG is going to be the "place to go" for all things Warmachine in the future...well done Tim and Symon for their orginisation of the league.

Flames of War ...well i know where all the comfy chairs go to now and i can see why...the table was packed with lots of people watching the ensuing battle and a few newer people to the game joining in...thats what we like to see guys.

Finaly the forum has really taken off so if you havent had a look yet ......what have you being doing!!!! Have your say ...thats what its there for..we have modeling and painting tips, lots of question and answer threads, there is "Ask the Committee" so if you dont get a chance at the club do it on the forum...and finaly visit the "Green Room" and catch up with all the goings on non game related...and have a look at "Whats your tiple" as see how the story line is starting to unfold and see if you can work out who has visited "Wilson" in the bar.

BUT REMEMBER..all club news can only be found on the blog!!!

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo