Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Play like you have a pair.......of cans?

Howdy Guys

Okay, just to let Y'all know, In April sometime. When is being ironed out, We will be running a Foodmachine event. Which will be a Warmachine/Hordes tourney, currently the prize is unknown, But I've been hunting around for sooooomething good.

But to give a basic explanation, Foodmachine, is something where, for the price of a can of tinned food, you can break the rules of the game, and at the end, all donations are added up and donated to a local charity, which I'm also (when I get my voice back) working on finding.

And its, being announced now, so you can start saving up cans now, That way there can be more rules breaking. Speaking of which, the Foodmachine rules

Erm secondly, just a little shout out to something I've nearly twice over, Listened to almost the entire library of(Yes I am THAT boring) is Fellcalls Fellcalls, is a great tool, along with battlecollege for new and old Warmachine players alike, I find it makes good listening during painting/building time,for new players, I would say, that I found fellcalls a little more helpfull, than just reading text, But thats just me.

Anyways see Y'all on the twenty sixth.



Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea and i have just read the rules for using your "can effects" and it rocks!!!
I like the idea of donating to play as well as using cans to make extra moves etc during the game. I think someone like the Samaritans or Help the Aged would be gratefull for a donation once we have finished, and its another "Bury Free Press picture feature" for Bury Wargamers.

I Say "Bring on the cans"

Captain Stevo

(Cygnar Hero)

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