Sunday, 19 July 2009

Greetings and Salutations!

Daemonettes and Gentleliches (Lichii? Leech?) Welcome to another of these oh-so-often blogs. Your humble server of news tonight is none other than I, the wraith of webs, himself.

Sad news, as Shadow Dragon is temporarily stepping down as the "opens-the-door" guy, and I get that wonderful role.

On the plus side, however, we did have a rather awesome finish to the Zergev campaign, with the forces of Order and Chaos finally facing one another in an almighty Apocalypse game. The game reached fever pitch, as the plans of Chaos were finally revealed, and the mighty Tauran was unleashed upon the material realm once more, followed by a chattering horde of lesser demon spawn. However, the forces of the Imperium held their ground, despite their ace-in-the-hole Hellhammer being stuck behind a giant rock pillar for most of the game, only to be charged by a Brass Scorpion. The forces of disorder weren't lacking in firepower either, as their Warhound titan proved to devastating effect, when it annihilated two squads in as many shots. That'll teach the Imperial Guard to intermingle with heathen Tau. Special mention also goes to the Vindicator, which lived up to its name, and brutally sniped a lone marine with its main cannon, just to clear the charge lane of the Scorpion.

Once the dust settled, and with the sounds of battle still ringing in their ears, the game came to a close; unbelievably, a draw.

In other news, we will be holding a 40k tournament in two meets time, log onto the forum, and post in the thread if you're interested. If you want to just turn up on the night, that's fine too, we just like to have some idea of who's going to turn up.

I know it's late, but we spoke to Stealthy Spider at last years Ludicrus about their game Occult Wars, and they were kind enough to star in a small video;

Ludicrus 2008, interview with Stealthy Spider Publishing about Occult Wars

Finally, if you know of any gaming events coming up, either post in the forum, or talk to one of the comittee members and let us know. I'll be setting up the thread shortly.

Regards from the web,