Monday, 18 August 2008

Veterans Night Report

This Saturday saw another of our veteran nights, with some new games being tested. The Iron Kingdoms d20 system roleplay group got underway and had a fantastic time from what I could hear. Plenty of shouts of "watch out for that zombie" and "do you mind not shooting me in the back!". More details should be on the forum, but the mystery of why the supply station had ceased trading came out very clear. Well done to Gelfin for acting as DM and getting this going. Although I was only an observer it certainly took me back to the misty days of early edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Fifth edition Warhammer 40K also got tested, with the interesting combination of a Tau mechanised force versus a Daemonic incursion on an Annilation mission. The early surprise to the Tau of Bloodletters, a Bloodthirster, and other Deamon appearing in their midst gave way to brutal rounds of shooting and combat. Early lead by the Deamons was gradually eroded away, until the final turn of the game resulted in all the Deamons being banished back to the warp (although at a cost to the Tau). A very fun and close match, and the new rules worked very smoothly.

The 'LGC' (the Little Guys in the Corner aka our Flames of War players ;-) ) had switched from massed tank battles to massed infantry battles. Sadly I was too busy being shot by Tau to see what the result was!!

Finally, Hadley was very kind enough to run a demo game of Epic (Armageddon) so we could get a taster. I must say I was hooked by the easy game mechanics and rapid destruction of forces. The first game involved a (renegade?) Imperial Guard force versus Marines. Due to an almost suicidal final turn attack by Assault Marines - that actually turned into a rout of the Imperial infantry - the game ended in a draw, an excellent result for our first trial game.

Thats all folks - normal service resumes next week with a full Club meet.


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