Monday, 7 April 2008

Double Club Night Report

Report back on our last two Club gaming nights. Easter was unusually quiet for us (i.e. we were busy but not frantic!) as many of the regulars were off elsewhere. Last Saturday however was back to normal with most of the gaming tables back in use.

The Flames of War table has grown a few feet longer (they will be fighting the entire Western Front at once if this keeps on ! ) and attracting more new players. Plenty of action on the WH40K table, and even a rare appearance of Lord of the Rings (which had so many figures on it it looked like the Final Battle was underway...).

Season 2 of the Call to Arms Warmachine tournament kicked off, and players got to try out our new marsh, watchtower and gorge scenery (thanks to everyone making new stuff!). Some fun scenarios tested our players strategic thinking as well as their tactical skills. Looking forward to the rest of the Season !

Happy gaming