Sunday, 9 March 2008

Bury Wargamers Club report Saturday 9th March.

H All.

You might have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet , well a few of us have been doing alot of stuff "behind the scenes" to get things orginised for this year so hopefully you will all have a great time at the club.

Right on with the report.

Another great night a the club with over 40 people turning up to play or visit, and new members coming throught the door at each session so i hope everyone had fun.

The 40K tables were busy with all the junior now arranging their own games up to 750 points so there were a few "doubles teams" put together to play 1500 point games. The "Training table" was also on the go with young Alex helping out with the teaching so thanks alot to him..that come especially from me buddy!!!

The Flames of War "D-Day landing" board is getting bigger and what i could see from the time i spent over that side of the club last night getting very just have to love those "little tanks"

Warmachine first Tour was at its end last night with a lot of hard fought games, thanks to Tim "Menoth" Morris for arranging this with the Support of Symon Rose from Runic Games. Hopefully we will get a report on the Winners and ranking soon on the forum so check that out if you have a chance.

And last but no means least "drum roll please"!!!! we have two new members to our committee..Hoorraahhhh!!

First i would like to welcome Paul James to the Committee as our rep for Flames of War and minature games systems. Paul and his son Kiren have been with the club from the very start and have become a great assest to the club ...and have become great friends as well.

And Garth Pickup who is going to be our "Hobby Specialist" and "Brush thrall". Garth hasnt been with the club that long but has become one of our "Main Cogs" in the Bury Wargamers Machine and has been helping out with the club T shirt designs and the Warmachine Tour....and has been posting like "a mad thing" on the forum with everyone check out his "painting clinic" if you want some great tips.

So there we are, alot going on and a lot more to come so have fun everyone and see you all at the next meet.


Captain Stevo.