Saturday, 9 February 2008

Saturday 9th Feb Club Report..They just keep coming!

Hi All.

Captain Stevo here...well what can we say about tonight...Brilliant evening all round, we open the doors and they just keep coming. Another fun packed evening was had by all and with the final count up this evening we had...wait for it....38 people pay to play with around 50 people attending the club in total. .........WOW!!!!

Junior Gamig Table was a hive of industrie with "Night Fight" being played with the option of a "deep strike unit" being brought in to add to their training. Once that was over the juniors orginised their own little games with a few heavy tanks..including a well painted Blue just goes to show that given a little responsibility the juniors are quite capable of running themselves...well done guys im proud of you!

Warmachine keeps on growing with about 14 people playing tonight and more people interested in taking up the "Steam Gauntlet" of Privateer Press...looks like i will be making more boards for this and our "Sea Board" is gradually coming together with nearly 6 ships built and the core rules being thrashed out among everyone conserned.

Flames if War...well that has just exploded...with Andy asking "Could we please have another table to play on"...your wish is my will be available for the next just have to love those little tanks !. D Day landing was the scenario this evening with some great terrain being used..loved the beach area and the landing craft guys...and the heavy gun emplacement..very "Guns of Naverone"

So it looks like Bury Wargamers is getting bigger... i signed up the 65th member tonight!! not bad conidering i was worried about getting 7 people throught to pay the hall hire....many thanks again to the scouts!!

See you in two weeks time...or better still on the forum!

Cheers for now.

Captain Stevo.

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Anonymous said...

With so many attendees it was a very close and friendly evening. May the club continue to grow.